5 Reasons why you should implement animated video in your marketing and communications strategy

There are many ways you can portray your message through video, but choosing the right approach is crucial to engaging your audience effectively and getting the wanted results. This is a decision that you need to make before you start planning, because whichever path you decide to take, will bring a whole different process.

Some ideas and concepts are easy to showcase with a normal video production that is filmed on a set and this tool has its own advantages depending on your purpose. However, animated video is often undervalued and it is much more useful than you would think. At Laguna Media Group we know that through animations you can better communicate some products or even processes to your audience. This is why we bring you five reasons why you should explore this option.

Animation brings a different perspective
Through the use of this form of production, you can create anything you could possibly imagine. It can bring to life portions of any product that could not be normally seen through live action productions. This is especially helpful in businesses or projects that are complex, such as science, tiny products or that have not been launched yet.

Help your customers understand you
When you are in a complex business environment, it can be difficult to sell a product or service that is not necessarily physical. Through animation you can bring that concept to life and help your customers understand what you’re all about, and therefore, trust you. Animation allows you to explain difficult ideas in a very simple way. For example, new technology or abstract concepts.

It can bring a story to life
It is possible to show your staff or customers what your business used to look like in the past and what it is projected to look like in the future as it is not possible to get those pieces of real life video. Animation is perfect to tell a story, and with the proper narrative and concept development, you can portray pretty much anything that comes to your mind.

It can be used for tutorials
Sometimes explaining the steps to a digital process or to any complex service can be a tough task. However, animated tutorials for training are more common than you think and seem to be a friendly option for the trainee. This is because animation can get inside the service and bring to life non-tangible features.

It is just VERY COOL
With so much video content out there, having something original and new gives you a leg up with wow factor. Animation always shows creativity and has the potential of engaging the viewer. The fact that you can bring to life any idea you have tells us that with animation the sky’s not the limit anymore!