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Instagram advantages and opportunities for 2020

Instagram is without a doubt, one of the most important social media channels nowadays. With more than one billion active users, it has become a must-have tool for digital marketers. It not only is a social platform but it has evolved to be an economic booster for small and big companies. Why is it so…
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What is BERT, the latest Google algorithm update, and how it works

At the end of October of this year 2019, Google has announced the use of a new open source neural network for natural language processing called BERT. It is an update of the Google algorithm that began last year in the testing phase. In the words of the vice president of Google Search, Pandu Nayak,…
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There is a method to the madness When engaging in a project with our clients, it is crucial for us to become an extension of their team so they are totally stress free. However, as we take the leadership of the task, involving the client in the process allows us to give the polished and…
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The Laguna Media Group team is still buzzing

The Laguna Media Group team is still buzzing with excitement after conquering the challenge of finishing a highlight video of a groundbreaking event with 5 concurrent locations, all different cities and presenting it at a public event with more than 500 attendees, all in just under 3 hours!  How did we make this happen? 1.…
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