Instagram advantages and opportunities for 2020

Blogs: Instagram advantages and opportunities for 2020

Instagram is without a doubt, one of the most important social media channels nowadays. With more than one billion active users, it has become a must-have tool for digital marketers. It not only is a social platform but it has evolved to be an economic booster for small and big companies.

Why is it so successful? Unlike other platforms, Instagram is centered in visual content. Pictures are worth more than a thousand words, and the most engaging type of content as well. Younger audiences tend to like interactive content better, as it is easier for them to digest. Having a correct Instagram strategy involves being able to portray your branding through imagery, colors and videos to help your followers know who you are and recognize your brand while creating remembrance.

But it does not end here. Sometimes one of the hardest struggles is to push your content and reach a lot of people once you put it out. The hashtag feature on Instagram has you covered! It offers an enormous potential audience to reach the specific portion of people who are interested in your product. You can create one from scratch or you can just use already existing ones, allowing you to engage with your followers in a more efficient way.

Now that you have posted and reached your audience, you need to interact with them. It is crucial to make them feel important and listened to, and it can be as simple as liking and commenting on their pictures, to starting conversations with them through stories and other features such as polls and questions.

This year, Instagram will continue to evolve and grow and your strategy needs to do the same thing. Maybe one of the biggest features this year will bring is Instagram Shopping. Putting purchase links in stories will continue to happen, as well as virtual boutiques with the price displayed when tapping on the picture will grow even more.

Stories will continue to gain importance. As they are so versatile, you can include promotions, ads, create interactive content to communicate with your followers through polls, filters, stickers and questions, organize expectation campaigns for new product or services launches or just show daily life moments to make your audience feel closer to you and your brand.

Last but not least, keep an eye on influencers. Whether you will include them as a part of your strategy or just to learn from how they manage their profiles, they are key actors, especially on this platform. An influencer is not only a person who is followed by thousands, or even millions, of people. It can be an important executive of your industry or a person who inspires others to make a call to action, so the number of followers doesn’t matter as much.If you want to learn more and start crafting your social media strategy, contact us now! We look forward to learning about your project!