Top 5 AI apps to help make your day more efficient

Artificial intelligence is more accessible than you think. It is not only used for major research or scientific purposes. Today, AI is widely integrated in many apps designed for simple use in diverse industries for free or for a very minimal price. 

AI tools are great idea starters and used to simplify processes that otherwise take too long to do manually. However, it is very important to understand that AI is not your new creative director or your subject matter expert. It needs to be used responsibly to avoid copyright infringement. 

Here are some apps that you can use to optimize your time:

  • Notion: this app is used to manage knowledge and take notes. It allows you to create shared schedules with the team, create tasks and check them as ready, store documents and even ask AI to do it for you. It can help you improve the writing in any of your documents and autocomplete tasks. 
  • Superlist: this app will help you centralize all lists in one place and integrate them with your most used apps. For example, you can integrate it with your Google Calendar. 
  • Copilot pro: it integrates Artificial Intelligence in your default browser, work apps and even Windows. It helps you find information in a faster and a much more precise way through GPT. 
  • Arc browser: this is a browser that is totally adapted to your needs and can even surf the web for you. It anticipates your needs and lets you organize your workplace. 
  • Reader by Readwise: it captures everything you like from the internet and from social media. It also syncs your highlights from everything you read and organizes that information so you can read everything again. 

As you can see, most of these apps help you organize your resources, which will then translate into optimizing time. AI is very versatile and it doesn’t only work to help you produce a written piece. 

By embracing the innovative landscape of today, we are committed to leveraging AI tools to not only enhance our productivity but also to elevate our responsiveness to meet the dynamic needs of our clients. Our utilization of AI extends beyond its adoption; it serves as a platform through which we program specific tasks, enabling us to tailor solutions with precision and agility. Moreover, our proficiency in customizing AI tools ensures that our clients receive strategies aligned with their unique objectives and preferences. With AI as our ally, we are confident that we can navigate the complexities of modern business with efficiency, adaptability, and excellence. Contact us to learn more here!