What is ChatGPT and why is it so viral?

ChatGPT is an AI-based platform that is used to generate conversation. This simulated chatbot was primarily developed for human interaction in a conversational style, which fits the customer service model. However, since it has gone viral, people have been using it for other purposes such as writing articles, essays, generating code, among other things. 

The ChatGPT chatbot uses pre-trained generative chat through Natural Language Processing, which pulls information from websites, articles and textbooks to form the conversation. 

Although its main feature is generating conversations like a human would do, here are some of its other capabilities that ChatGPT can do when you type the command:

  • Translate
  • Write stories 
  • Write poems
  • Write code
  • Write articles
  • Recommend lyrics and chords for songwriters

It is important to note that it is still prone to error and biases as it is still developing. Also, keep in mind that AI can pull data from many sources but it is still in its early stages when it comes to analysis, which is a human capability almost impossible to replicate. 

As an experimental tool, there are many potential uses in marketing, but it still requires human assessment. For example, it can be useful for copywriters and content managers to write pieces of content in an easier way or simply get ideas. This is also a new way for you to do quick research and benchmarking on any topic. In any case, we would always recommend that the final product is carefully reviewed before posting on any of your marketing channels, as errors may take place. 

Then, why is it so viral? It has a very broad scope of topics you can look into. You can ask about almost any topic and it will have an answer. Some people may say that you can also do this by doing a Google search but it is actually very different. When you Google a question, there will be millions of pages available for you to find the answer, but when you ask ChatGPT it will give you a direct answer to your question. It’s almost like having someone explain directly to you. This is why this tool is getting a huge buzz at the moment. 

If you have experienced this tool or have tips on other AI tools you have used to aid your creative process, we want to hear from you!