What is Google Analytics 4?

Google’s Universal Analytics will terminate on October 1, 2023 and Google Analytics 4 will be the only tool available after this date to keep track of your website activity. But what is this all about and why is this relevant to you?

Google Analytics 4 is focused on providing data through the entire customer journey. The main reason for this update is that consumer behavior and privacy policies are constantly changing, and the current Google Analytics system doesn’t have a complete view of the customer journey. 

Google Analytics 4 has a machine learning-based approach in cross-platform insights and a privacy centric approach. Some of its new capabilities include automatic alerts on new trends and new data, tools to anticipate customer actions and other predictive analytics. 

One of the most important changes in this upgrade includes the capability to measure apps and web together. It will allow you to report in a more organized and efficient way by specifying the stages of the life cycle, showing metrics of acquisition, engagement, monetization and retention. In the current version, acquisition is the only report available, meaning that your business will have more visibility into later stages of the customer journey with this update. 

These changes are all relevant to businesses because you will be able to create more powerful audiences and campaigns. With more powerful measurements and tools, there will be a better Return On Investment (ROI) and Ad spend. With the opportunity to see more detailed and specific information, you will take effective decisions and an informed marketing strategy.