Why is blogging important for your website?

Today, blogging is more important than ever for your business and your website. It has gone from people talking about their personal experiences and opinions, to a very valuable tool that businesses use to grow and expand their reach.

But you may be wondering, what is blogging? Blogging is the activity of writing blogs, which are informal articles produced to inform, educate and show leadership on a topic. This is one of the best ways to keep your website’s content fresh and generate leads for email marketing and to do social media promotion. But what else do they do?

Position your brand
Blogs are a great way to position your business as an industry leader. When you write a high quality article about topics that resonate in the industry, you are able to show your knowledge and skills with your product or service.

This translates into building trust. The more you show your peers and clients your expertise, the more likely your customers will trust you with their needs as they obtain the knowledge you are providing.

Making meaningful connections with your customers
Blogs also serve as a source to connect to a deeper level with your customers. When you connect with them online through the blogs on your website, they are able to get to know your brand. They appreciate that you are the one teaching them instead of always selling them, and that they do not need to look for the information they need in other places that they don’t know. This is also a way to build loyalty.

It is also possible to further the interaction with your customers through blog comments by installing a plugin on your website. Providing a space to engage brings your blog to another level of relationship with your followers.

Drive traffic to your website
Blogs are relevant content for customers. In this sense, it is a marketing tool that could be the foundation for your business’ social media networks. You can post the links to your blogs on your different accounts, and direct your followers to your website for them to read your content. This will drive traffic to specific landing pages on your website.

Improve your website’s SEO
While driving traffic to your website, blogs also increase your SEO. Keeping your content fresh and updated is key to getting better search engine results against your competitors. To improve these results, include keywords on your blogs as well, to make them rank higher. This way, when your customers look for these words, they will find you easier and quicker.
Creating a blog does not have to be difficult, and its benefits make its creation worth it. Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) in your organization can contribute and provide knowledge for your blog entries. Show your value and take advantage of this marketing tool now!