Why is it important to include live streaming in your strategy

Live streaming is changing the way in which businesses interact with their audience and it is definitely a trend that you should not ignore. It’s main advantage is that it is real-time content, generating conversations and driving real-time interactions.

It is important to make your audience feel a part of your network, not customers but participants. This shows that your brand is close to them and that they are included in the “behind the scenes”. When you are broadcasting an event, you are engaging your participants. You can talk to them directly, answer their questions and make them feel acknowledged. Besides this, here are some reasons on why you should start doing live streams.

Expand your reach
Live streams have no borders, and with them you can reach anyone from anywhere in the world, increasing the number of people that will be watching. With this, you can also create a community within your attendees that may take it as a networking opportunity to create meaningful connections and business relationships.

While other tools such as email marketing are very helpful, live-streaming will draw leads that you may have not targeted through them. This is because you can reach out to people that normally would not be attracted to written content. Audiences have also learned to tune in to their favorite social media platforms to watch live content they feel provides value.

Cost effective
You can adjust this tool to your needs and budget. You can either have a very professional production or use free and easy-to-use tools. This is one of the factors that makes it so popular. With this, you can reach a larger audience at a lower cost.

As live streams start gaining more popularity, there are more options for streaming than before, such as Vimeo, LinkedIn Live, Facebook Live, Twitter Live, Instagram Live, Youtube Live and Periscope among others.

Positioning of the content
One of the reasons why live videos are so popular is that platforms favor this content. They appear at the top of searches and have a bigger chance of appearing on your feed on platforms such as Facebook than just images or videos. This means more exposure for your brand that may convert into new visitors and potential new followers.

It can be used for multiple purposes
Your live streams not only have to be educational, you can also use them for anything you want. For example, you can launch new products and see immediate reactions and opinions, tours, classes, Q&A’s and entertainment events such as concerts, workout sessions, debates and rallies.

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