Why should you consider starting video podcasting now?

Today, people are spending more and more time listening to podcasts and watching videos. This makes them both essential in business marketing strategies. But what would happen if these tools were used together? This fusion brings benefits that neither could provide on its own. We love producing this format! Here are some reasons why video podcasts should be a part of your strategy.

Humans like to see faces
We are all visual people. This alone is a good argument to start producing a video podcast. However, there is something people are more interested to see in videos, and that is faces. Our brains are hardwired to prioritize them over other visual assets. When you video podcast, you are putting your face out there, and you are more likely to grab people’s attention, making engagement rise as well.

Social media is made for video content
Social media is optimized for video, not for audio. You can prove this because everytime you go on social media, videos are muted by default. If you are trying to promote audio-only content, this is not ideal. Plus, if you want to do something different, you can do live video podcasting, and this way, your audience will have the possibility to engage with you in the moment.

Better performance on YouTube
Even though there is a way to post audio-only content in YouTube, they don’t perform as well as they could. This happens because people go on this platform looking for visual content. When you post on YouTube you have the possibility to reach millions of people if you optimize your videos in the right way. This also helps your SEO as your video will also appear on Google when someone searches the topic.

Capture viewer attention
People usually lose interest when they are only listening to something. The quicker you caption the attention of your audience, the more likely they will stay long enough to receive your message. This is why visual stimuli is ideal.

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