The power of visual during re-opening

Blog: The Power of Visual During Re-Opening

As organizations – businesses, nonprofits and government agencies – plan the phased responsible re opening of America after COVID-19 quarantines, anxiety and questions come to the minds of the workforce and general public.

Many large organizations have been surveying their stakeholders and figuring out the safest ways to return to work. In fact, several of them find that a vast majority is still concerned or very concerned with the idea of coming back to their workplace.

Communication is key to providing guidance and to easing fears. From newsletters to visual signage, and video – live and recorded -, the utilization of all of these tools contributes to a safe and smoother transition to as much normalcy as possible.

So, what can you do to increase the effectiveness of your communications?

Use the power of video
According to Impact, viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it, compared to 10% when they read it in text. This way, your team will be more engaged and it will be more likely that they understand the message or instructions you want to transmit almost immediately.

Optimize the time of your employees by making your message visual. Increase awareness and catch their attention more effectively than if they were reading a set of instructions. Video also allows you to control the precision of your message and provides you with the ability to replicate instructions that you seek to instill as new habits.

Use technology by doing live webcasts
This is particularly effective for organizations with a large geographical footprint. Ongoing leadership updates accessible in real time by internal audiences in multiple locations reinforces the sense of a responsible team providing direction and addressing concerns while.

Live webcasts are like a closed, secured channel where you can control which audiences you want to include as they tune in to your session. Additionally, the interaction capabilities afforded in these platforms via chat or comment boards also allow for a two way communication. This is also vital for leaders to keep the finger in the pulse of the employees sentiment and concerns.

Can you do this safely?
Absolutely! Cleaning and disinfection is at the top of the list of must haves. This is achieved by thoroughly disinfecting production equipment prior and after production as well as studio space. Crews wearing appropriate PPE and freshly washed clothing should also be part of the protocol.

Other safety measures include maintaining the recommended social distancing, minimizing crew size and planning ahead to ensure adherence to CDC guidelines.