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Blog: Ready to tackle opportunities?

Why is social media strategy and execution so important for your company during times of crisis?

While COVID-19 continues to spread and more people are staying home to stop the infection, customer behavior is changing. It is essential that companies start adapting their services and offerings to virtually keep up with the challenges the quarantine brings. In this case, social media is the go-to tool to stay connected and engage your customers and team. A well-executed social media crisis plan will help you keep your presence in the industry.

If your business suspended or slowed down operations you might be facing the need to cut expenses to remain profitable. Going dark on social media may be tempting, but don’t do it! Moments like these are the ones in which social media really gets to shine. You have an opportunity to create deeper connections, be discoverable for a larger portion of your audience and gather powerful data to make a sales comeback later.

You should always look beyond the short term in order to grow in the future. It is clear that the world will never be the same after this historic event and that it will reshape customer behavior. Virtual relationships will continue to grow and those who invest in creating a strong online bond will be well positioned for success. But, how do you build a strong social media presence?

Leverage your community

Even if people are working from home, the dynamic of the day has changed and web usage increases. It’s not business as usual. People are looking for information on social media and they are sharing it with their connections. This is why, more than selling your products and services, you should diversify your content and offer relevant topics both for personal and business use. Some ways to execute on this idea are the creation of collaborative content such as webinars, chats, live video and social stories to spotlight this content.

Create reusable content

From productivity tips to motivation, it is essential that you give your audience content they can reuse with their families, friends and colleagues. Even if this means reducing the number of business related posts, it still has a positive impact for you. When your followers share your watermarked content, it creates a brand positioning. After the crisis passes, you will be on their minds and people will remember those who were there to provide valuable content at the time they needed it.

Be emphatic

Everybody is in a vulnerable position right now, and it is important to acknowledge that you don’t have all the answers. However, if there is something you can do for your audience or for your community, make sure to show it. People like to see this kind of content as it promotes positive behaviors, and this will make them remember brands that help others during times of crisis.

Give priority to conversations

As people are spending more time online, it is very likely that your social media metrics will be higher during these months. This is why your ultimate goal during this time is to create content that results in conversations, and not in conversion (because they will anyway).