Frequently Asked Questions


A digital strategy is a strategy of your business and all its presence on the internet. That is, all the points of contact you will have with your clients on the network.

An integrated digital strategy requires that your channels be consistent with each other. For example, customer service channels must be very aligned with the social media area and also with the people in charge of ensuring the operation of the corporate website.

The digital strategy is surrounded by branding strategy, business plan, marketing plan, content strategy and customer experience.

No, the digital strategy encompasses a larger group of activities than the social media strategy. The digital strategy will address areas such as the website, SEO, email marketing, customer flow and engagement, online sales, among others.

The results of your visible strategy are measurable and observable from day one. However, it must be understood that digital and positioning strategies will have important results from six months to one year of implementation.

If we look for fast results, for example in sales, we can make ads plans with the individual social networks or Google suite.

Digital marketing often includes social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, email marketing and paid campaigns.

The website creation process usually includes

  • Strategy session with the client: we like to see the big picture and take the client’s vision to create an action plan. We proceed to create a calendar for the project and estimate the timeline.
  • Content creation: if the content doesn’t already exist, content creation is the next step. Putting together the right words to tell your story is key.
  • Design: after having the complete content, we proceed to design the website visually. Looking good is as important as having the right content. 
  • Development: after the design is approved we proceed with implementation. We have the best team to develop the best user experience possible. 
  • Migration and optimization: after it is developed and approved, the website is ready to go live. We will upload and make all SEO work to make your website rank higher. 

Today, social media is not optional for brands. If you’re not on social media, you’re definitely missing the opportunity to reach millions of people in an inexpensive way. However, you need to assess what platforms you need to have a presence at and direct all your efforts efficiently, because your audience might not be in all of them.

Email marketing is a very powerful marketing tool to promote your business products and services through customer loyalty. It normally works when your customers subscribe to your newsletter and you send content to them on a regular basis. There is not only one way to do it, which means you don’t have to offer discounts for it to work. You can send valuable content, articles, stories and exclusive insights for them to feel special.

SEO seeks your website to rank higher and therefore, more visible. This translates into more traffic and more opportunities to convert visitors into customers. It elevates your brand’s profile and builds trust at a very cost effective level.


Yes. Laguna Media Group offers turn-key creative services including creative concept development, production and post production.

Yes.  Over the years we have provided voice over talent in multiple languages to our clients.  Some of our latest multilingual projects include production in English, French, and Spanish.  Laguna Media Group will cast the voice talent for you and provide a selection for you to listen with an actual selection of your script.

Cost of a video depends on three factors:  Time, Quality and Budget.  Time:  Cost varies depending on whether there is a rush on the project or not.  Quality:  Certain projects will require a higher level of production such as special effects, video colorist, sound special treatment, specific kinds of cameras or lighting.  Budget:  Creative needs to match the budget.  We are prepared to advise on the best options to produce an effective piece that can be executed under the client’s budget. Our clients provide guidelines on their priorities and we present the best solution based on their feedback.

Yes.  Once the client pays for the production, they become the owners of the rights to the images and the final product.  Purchased images as well as music soundtracks may have limitations.  Please consult with us to further advise on this matter.

We have four stages of production.  Discovery: to understand our client’s needs and their audiences.  Pre-Production:  Includes all of the script development, crewing and location arrangements for the actual footage creation.  Production:  In this stage we record voice and audio.  Post-Production: Includes all editing and digital manipulation of the project such as motion graphics, video-editing, soundtrack sweetening, color grading and mastering.

Yes.  Animation in 2D and 3D are an option to develop your message.  This creative option can be very effective to explain a product or for training.  Other applications such as virtual reality can be very effective in engaging the intended audiences. Contact us to discuss your needs for animation further.

Video content is king. It is so powerful because it is capable of engaging your audience effectively. It can communicate a story and helps your brand reach new audiences. It has the ability to create value for any business and is a great way to complement your SEO strategy.  

Almost 93% of brands say they got new customers due to the videos posted on their social media accounts, and as of 2022, an average person is predicted to spend 100 minutes per day watching online videos. (Explain Ninja)

Video content performs best with algorithms as it captures your audience’s attention for a longer time. When we talk about social media, video has higher engagement rates than text and images.

Yes. The more video content you create with the correct calls to action, the more traffic will be directed to your site and has potential to be converted. Video is prioritized by algorithms so it increases your ranking.


We have the capacity to support our clients with a wide range of needs.  From small group meetings to large events with main general sessions and breakout rooms.  Ask us about technology solutions, including Live Webcasts.

Yes, we have clients across the Country.

Yes. Additionally, our team also produces content specifically tailored to capture the experience at your event.  Such content is often utilized for promotion and social media distribution.

When you are negotiating your event venue you need a trusted partner like Laguna Media Group to provide consulting services related to the requirements for AV and, more importantly, the restrictions, extra fees and hidden costs imposed by certain venues.

No. We specialize in the logistics related to your event audio visual services. However, should you need event planning services, we are happy to connect you with our strategic partners.

It depends. If your event is a part of a live webcast, the platform records. However, it is always a good practice to have a backup recording. In case your live event is an in-person event, we can always have crew members in charge of recording the event.

Participating and hosting live events creates an opportunity for your business to create meaningful connections and engage with your customers in a personal way, which would be more challenging  through all the other marketing efforts you make. It is also a way to build trust, emotional connections and stand out from your competitors.

It depends on what you want to achieve. If you want to reach more audiences that are not all in the same geographical space, it is perfect for you. If you want to have a more personalized and intimate experience, an in-person event would be the go-to option.

We are able to do live webcasts, AV logistics support, event consultation, audio, video, lighting, staging, custom content creation, multi camera live show direction, digital signage, social walls and many more.

It changes all the time and depends on the client’s needs. We will assess what your specific need is and we will use the platform that fits you best.