YouTube handles are here to help you connect

YouTube is doing updates again and this time they are introducing a new addition to the platform: handles. By using handles, it is easier for members and creators to connect and find each other. When you create your handle, it will be unique and personalized. When people tag you or comment on your videos, your handle will be the way they will identify you. These handles will now be a part of the URL of your channel.

The reason for this addition goes beyond uploading and commenting videos. It helps build stronger communities. Handles will appear on every channel and on YouTube shorts. It will be faster to mention and shout out creators in videos, helping them increase their visibility and reach new audiences. You may be wondering, why are handles useful when you already have a channel name? The answer to this question is, many channels can be named the same, but handles are totally unique, allowing creators to craft their identity. 

During the month of November 2022, creators will be getting an email notification when they can create their handle. In case they don’t do it in time, YouTube will automatically assign a handle that can be changed easily in channel settings. 

If you want to learn more about handles and how you can make the most out of them, click here.