4 Benefits of Hosting Live Events

Live events are the best opportunity for brands to interact with customers in the most tangible and personal way. Live virtual or in-person experiences take interaction to another level, allowing you to engage with your audience effectively and personally.

The best part is, you can do it in the format that adapts best to your needs. From small group meetings to large events with main general sessions, you can take advantage of the personal connection that this strategy strengthens. What could be the possible benefits?

Lead building opportunities
Collecting data and capturing leads should be a top priority of your strategy. However, we know that doing it online requires extra efforts. When you do an event, you are automatically able to collect contact information when people register. This data could be used for your digital and social media campaigns and to increase your reach.

Create memories for attendees
The event doesn’t have to end when people leave the session. It is possible to save the live stream, record or make an event highlight video so your attendees are able to watch and recap their favorite moments. Live streaming your event has the advantage of keeping your virtual audience engaged to keep joining virtual sessions and motivated to attend your next event when it is face-to-face again. This is the best way to showcase what your event has to offer. It also allows you to cover a larger portion of your target audience as many of them may not be in the same place at the same time.

Create meaningful connections
At Laguna Media Group, we believe that meaningful connections are vital. Whether in person or virtual, events allow you to share experiences and moments beyond the professional spectrum and create a greater bond with each other. Events are the perfect opportunity for networking, which can translate later on in new business opportunities. So don’t take this for granted! There are a lot of options to do this online and connect with other attendees.

Build trust
Events help your attendees grow fond of your brand and have an emotional connection with it. This is why an event will not only serve the purpose of delivering certain content but it also will serve as a marketing tool, where you subconsciously position yourself at the top of heart of with your attendees. Next time they are needing a product or service you offer, they will think about you first.