The creative process – There is a method to the madness

Blog: The creative process - There is a method to the madness

When engaging in a project with our clients, it is crucial for us to become an extension of their team so they are totally stress free. However, as we take the leadership of the task, involving the client in the process allows us to give the polished and finished product they ask for. How do we do this? We believe there are three vital phases to every project:

Planning ahead: understanding our client is one of our key priorities, so at this stage we evaluate the best course of action. Patience! Sometimes we want to get started as soon as possible, but before getting into action we need to take a step back and see the bigger picture of what needs to happen in order to know how it is going to get done. We are happy to hear our client’s ideas and vision of the final product and make them a part of the creative and strategic process.

But what does planning mean? It does not only refer to setting up a schedule, but also to clarifying objectives, identifying the right scope and setting up a structure to start working on it. Doing this hand in hand with our clients assures that everything will be managed in the right way and that every detail will be taken care of. Here we allocate the necessary resources and pick the best professionals to work on your project.

Executing: we are ready to go and it is time to start working! The process is different depending on the area, but whether it is an event, a video, a photoshoot or a digital project, we will make sure to get it done in the specific time frame you need it while you focus on your business. Our high performing team is qualified to align your vision and work to successfully deliver your project.

Monitoring: many projects are not finished with the execution phase. Activities like digital strategy and social media strategy need periodical follow up and metrics review to measure progress. It is important to do this so we know where and how to refine the plan to make the necessary adjustments.

Are you ready to start? We are!