What is Google Trends and how can you use this tool to improve your SEO?

Google Trends is a free Google tool that will help you analyze the most popular topics on the internet and what people are looking for. It’s all about trends. 

This tool measures the frequency in which people search for any topic. It is very simple and easy to use, but people don’t notice how useful it is, especially for businesses. Besides telling you what are the hottest keywords on the internet, it also tells you who is searching for it and from where. 

In terms of SEO, it is useful because it tells you if your target audience is looking for your keywords and based on that, you can tailor your content to achieve higher rankings on Google. This way, you will have more visibility with people you are looking to convert into clients. 

There are two types of searches you can find in Google Trends. 

  1. Regular traffic searches: they get a regular volume of traffic during the year
  2. Irregular traffic searches: they get a high volume of traffic during a specific time of the year. For example, mothers day. 

It is as easy as inserting a topic on the Google Trends search bar. You can filter your search by location, period of time and categories. 

It will show you the specific places in the world where people are looking for the topic. This will be useful to determine where the interested audience in the product or service you offer is, giving you opportunities to better target them with content. 

The tool will also show you related searches to the topic you enter. With this, you may notice other needs people have related to your product or service and give you more visibility on new areas of opportunity. 

Another use of this tool is to give you ideas to create content. It could be content for your blog, your social media accounts or even YouTube videos.  By using tools like these, you literally have your finger on the pulse of your audience’s interest and will have a much better idea of what they want to read or see.