What is social listening and why is it important?

Social media listening consists of identifying and tracking what is being said about your company, brand or individual product. It is done through all social media platforms that the brand has a presence on and it helps you understand the conversation surrounding your brand. With this valuable information you can collect insights to increase brand awareness and improve your product or services. 

When you perform social listening and get these insights, you can get real time qualitative and quantitative information, leading you to a better understanding of  what your followers want to see, and create content based on that. It helps you stay aware of industry trends and your customer strategy so you can offer a good experience to them.


Why should you start using it?

Give a response to your customers
Customers like it when brands give them a response and they feel heard. Being responsive should be one of your top priorities on social media. But more than responding, it’s about listening to craft the effective messages they need to hear to generate loyalty and retain customers. 

Increase your effectiveness at critical times
When brand’s go through crisis and there are incidents that make people start speaking up, it is something that needs to be assessed correctly. Through social listening you can analyze what talking points you need to look out for and what measures you need to take in response. 

Discover new opportunities
As everything, businesses also have a life cycle where, at first, growth is predominant but they tend to fall into stagnation. Sometimes it may come with creative blocks, not knowing where to go next. With this tool you can discover what your customers want or what the trends are calling for and adapt your brand to it. 

Improve customer acquisition
As we’ve said before, if you are the one that understands what interests people, you will capture their attention. This is because more than customers, your audience also follows you because they enjoy your content. 

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