Why social selling is important for your digital strategy

Before social media even existed, people still bought and sold products the traditional way: talking to each other and getting advice to make a decision. However, with social media and businesses migrating to the digital world, everything seems easier. Customers are more connected than ever, and social media platforms have become a crucial part of decision making.

What is Social Selling:
Social selling is a technique implemented to directly interact with sales prospects on social media platforms. They are the base to build business relationships making meaningful connections.

Today, successful businesses are integrating social media channels through the sales process. But this is not the only thing that has changed. Customers have changed too, because the digital environment has encouraged them to research more, get recommendations and make decisions. And this is where you increase your chances for success. If you are the first to help your customer, while adding value and guiding them through the process, you will have a significant advantage. It works.

Identify your target market
Before you do anything, this is the first step. In addition to identifying your target market, you also need to deeply understand it. These are the leads you are going to be communicating with. Social selling gives you the possibility of knowing your potential customers more personally and identifying their needs, preferences, etc.

This will also help you identify the channel you will be talking through. For example, if you are B2B, it is more likely that you will need to communicate through LinkedIn than Instagram.

It is easier to engage with your audience
When you use social selling, it is easier to identify people who are talking about your business, your competitors or your industry. You know that these are people who are indeed interested in what you offer. You can reach out to them, connect and engage, and convert them into permanent customers.

It also works to engage with your existing followers and you need to craft your strategy accordingly. People use social media primarily to entertain themselves, so you should create value content that captures their attention and makes them want to stay.

Take your customer service to the next level
Usually customers would think that businesses do not care about them. This is the perfect opportunity to prove them wrong, and to show them that they are your top priority. When people start noticing this, you will get more leads, as it makes your purpose more attractive to them. However, don’t forget that you need to do it right, because if you fail to satisfy your customers, you will not only have an unhappy buyer, but also have the risk of that person posting about the experience and sharing it with the rest of their networks. Trust us, you don’t want this to happen!