Google My Business: The Next Step on your Digital Strategy

Google is visited by billions of people every day to make any possible search you could think of. From opening hours of your favorite coffee shops to tips, news and trends, Google works as the people’s preferred tool for your business to be discovered. But getting there requires some work on your end. Besides needing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) work to be at the top of the search list, there is another tool that is very helpful for your strategy, and that is Google My Business.

Google My Business is Google’s service for business owners to manage how they appear online and to make their business visible for more people. This means that with the amount of people that search for anything everyday, you need to be present in this platform to attract this huge audience to your business. The more optimized your profile is, the better. Here, we will show you a few of the benefits of being present in Google My Business.

Your business can appear on maps and local listings
Have you made a search and noticed a big map appears? This map will always be the first thing to pop up when a Google user searches for any business. It is highly visible and allows users to efficiently see the information they need. If the person doing the search does not see you there, he/she might contact another business that shows in this listing.

If someone has already heard about your business, this is another opportunity to further reinforce a positive feeling towards making a decision to contact you or awarding a contract.

People can leave reviews of your business
You must never underestimate the importance of reviews, especially if we are talking about search engines. You should also make it visible and easy for your customers to leave reviews, so others can see it.

You need to have reviews because they improve your SEO, as most people rely on positive comments to make purchasing decisions. People appreciate testimonials in review sections because they are usually not paid advertising. On the contrary, they are made by people who want to share a little bit more about their experience, whether it’s amazing or terrible.

Therefore, reviews increase sales. You may never know, but when somebody that has never tried one of your products is influenced positively by a relative or a stranger, they tend to believe them and proceed to buy your product.

Not having reviews is just as bad as having negative comments. It makes you look as if your product is unknown, affecting your sales. On the other hand, if you have a negative comment, handle it professionally. Do not delete it, but address the situation and improve whatever the customer is telling you to.

It provides helpful insights
It is not only useful for your customers, but it is also useful for you! It captures data that allows you to understand the market, latest trends and important topics you need to pay attention to. All of this information helps you take decisions and create strategies for your business. Plus, it is free and very easy to use!

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