Marketing trends for the ‘new now’

After months of going through a situation that encouraged businesses to rethink their strategies and marketing trends, people are starting to talk about the ‘new now’. However, we can say that the foundations of these marketing trends are not new at all and did not appear with the pandemic, but they have been around for some time now. The difference is that many have been pushed to look deeper and catch up with the digital trends.

Integrated marketing
Integrating all actors, factors and channels into one strategy is the most effective thing to do. Yes, there are some efforts that need to be done occasionally and separately but they are never detached from the strategy as a whole.

Many businesses did not even have a consolidated digital strategy planned, they just went with the flow. Equipping for the long term and planning your actions is just the best way to impact the market with your brand. Analyze your customer, build schedules, formulate brand strategies and remove unnecessary red tape to keep the workflow moving.

Digital marketing is vital
Digital platforms are just as important as any other channel you use to market your brand. It seems obvious, but investing in your digital presence will open a whole new world of opportunities for you and your business. From having an updated website – and by that we mean in the front and the back end -, to having social media platforms and content planned out for each one of them and its corresponding audience, there is a wide range of action items to tackle. This should be done not only during difficult times, but at all times. It should become a part of your integrated marketing strategy. Just as it takes time to build personal relationships, it takes time to build your digital presence.

E-commerce brings new opportunities
Online marketplaces are very popular right now, but also not new at all. You do not have to be a retail giant to have an online marketplace. In fact, many small businesses are implementing this strategy to make customer experience much more efficient and easy. As a business owner you need to think ahead and utilize as many tools available to make your product visible, build up your online presence and stay ahead of the competition.