Reasons why your website traffic is not translating into conversion

It may happen to you that you see the traffic of your website is increasing constantly but when you go to see conversions, the results are not as good.

There are many reasons why, but to really be efficient, go back and analyze the root of the cause. Here are some points you may need to take a look at:


You are not aiming towards your target customers

Some people are visiting your website, but they don’t convert because they aren’t looking for what you offer. Or they are simply not interested. To understand further this issue take a look at:

  1. Search engines: If a great part of your traffic comes from search engine results, your content and keywords could be the top suspect. Search engines tend to categorize your content differently than how you expected. To check if this is really the problem, find out the keywords that are ranking higher and see if they match your content and business intentions. 
  2. Online ads: It’s important to keep your ads honest and straightforward. It’s okay to add catchy calls to action, but never mislead people. 


Your content is not hooking visitors

You need your headlines to be tempting enough for your audience to read further. People normally don’t read websites, they scan them. Use this tips to keep your visitors engaged with what they’re reading

  • Make headlines tempting
  • Use an easy-to-read font size and style.
  • Differentiate your content and bring attention to specific points by using bold, italics and different colors through the text.
  • Make the audience feel as if you are talking directly to them by using simple words.


The design is not WOW

Content is important, but the website design is at least if not more important. A bad user experience could damage your conversion funnel even when your content is perfectly on target.


Discuss these elements with your digital team of experts, make the necessary changes and measure results again.