Short-form video is on the rise. TikTok and Instagram Reels are changing the game

Before TikTok and Reels came into the picture, huge marketing efforts and campaigns needed to be planned and executed before big results came in. However, it is now a trend that with just one TikTok video, businesses can go viral and have a lot of online activity with smaller campaign efforts.. 

Originally, TikTok was used for dance and lip sync videos but today it is far more used than that. There are huge opportunities within this platform and video format. You can show your product or service in a short, concrete and catchy way. This format took off to be so powerful that even Instagram and Youtube came with their own version inside their apps (Instagram Reels and Youtube Shorts).

This format has connected very well specially with young audiences and continues to grab more attention from an older audience. This is because the attention span of people has decreased and as clients get busier, they don’t have time to watch a 3- minute ad. They want it quick and they want it now. The downside of this is that whatever production you make in this format needs to be catchy from the first second to make people want to stay and watch. If you don’t catch their attention in the first 5 seconds or so, they will just keep scrolling. 

Another aspect of these videos that make them so popular is that they are usually very genuine and relatable. It appeals to emotions or humor, which allows brands to connect better with their audience. While very popular, humor is not the only way to become viral and noticed on these platforms. You can also show behind the scenes, the making of your products and services, and  life at the office. 

Some businesses may ask themselves if these platforms are the right fit for them and the answer is that it depends on their audience. If you have mostly an older audience, they probably won’t be on the platform. However, there are many other aspects you need to consider you can read on this blog. 

After posting the video, there is a huge world of engagement you need to invest in to close the full circle. Comments are an essential part of these platforms, people will be making conversation and even asking questions about your company. Make sure to allocate the resources to monitor activity  and respond to as many as you can.