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Stay productive using audiovisual technology

Stay productive using audiovisual technology

Stay productive with Webcasts

Today, the world is facing a pandemic: the COVID-19 outbreak, most known as Coronavirus. Each day, the number of people infected is rising, leading to government decisions such as closing borders, cancelling flights and quarantines. Enforcing health recommendations such as social distancing guidelines are forcing people to work from home. As you all may be experiencing by now, many events of every kind have been cancelled or postponed to prevent agglomerations and the spread of the virus. This will be going on for several more weeks and many are already anxious and wondering how to minimize the effects of this situation.

While technology and digital interaction has been in our lives for a while, we still rely heavily on large in-person event gatherings to interact with large audiences.

It seems like life has stopped but don’t lose it! It has not. There are many ways to continue with your activities and to accomplish your communication goals. 
In the case of businesses, it is still possible to carry out your events. But how can you do it if people are increasingly advised to stay at home? 

Think about using webcasts, which works as a digital presentation distributed through streaming technologies to multiple and simultaneous listeners and viewers. This may be live or on demand. Webcasts are used in the commercial sector for presentations, in education for e-learning services such as webinars or any web-conferencing you can imagine. We live in an era where technology even allows us to enhance the experience by the utilization of 360 degree cameras. And, participants can even participate live with real time Q&A. 

Leading edge companies such as Apple have already proven the effectiveness of this strategy, with periodic global product launches successfully followed by millions of viewers.

Webcasts are the perfect way to continue with your normal operations, to train personnel, to conduct meetings, to do interviews and to educate your employees. Let your subject matter experts focus on the content of your webcast, while you leave the technical aspect of making it work to us!  Our Laguna Media Group team is ready to become an extension of yours. Learn more about this audiovisual service here: https://lagunamg.com/audio-visual/

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Stay healthy!!