Considering creating a podcast? Here are some reasons why you should

You’ve probably heard a lot about podcasts lately. They are audio files that are available on the internet for people to listen to. They could be about any topic, and can be downloaded to the listener’s device or streamed online. Podcasts are at their boom. According to Castos as of 2021, there are more than two million shows and 48 million episodes on the internet. (

There are many types of podcasts. They could be interview podcasts, monologue podcasts and co-hosted podcasts.

Today, people expect content to be portrayed in multiple ways so they can choose what better meets their needs. This is because not everybody has the same time to give your brand attention. For example, not all people have the time to read, watch a video or see pictures. Podcasts are the perfect way to reach the niche of people that will consume your content while driving, working, studying or even at the gym.

Why have your own podcast?

It builds a personal connection
You build a different type of connection through visual, written and audio content. When people are reading your blogs they probably won’t feel the same connection. On the contrary, while listening to a podcast, the experience is better because they will be able to hear your voice frequently. This engages your audience and builds trust.

It’s convenient for your audience
With this format, you don’t need to worry about capturing your audience’s attention to be focused only on listening. With this format, listeners can do other activities while consuming the content you are providing.

It’s a great alternative to video
We know we have told you that your content focus should be on video nowadays, but not all people are open to this format. You may have people on your team that maybe won’t feel as comfortable appearing on camera and this is a great opportunity to include them in content creation.

It’s very interactive
Listeners can get involved with a podcast very easily. Whether you ask questions directly and they leave comments and messages answering them or simply leaving their opinion because they felt identified, your audience will normally get engaged.

The best part is you don’t need to do it on your own! Call the experts and let us provide every tool you need for your podcast to have the best quality while you shine your hosting talent!